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BRE Global Awarded Global GreenTag PhD License for UK and Western Europe

BRE Global, the certification arm of the UK based BRE Group is now delivering the Global GreenTag Product Health Declaration™ or GreenTag PhD™ in the UK and Western Europe.

The GreenTag PhD is a world first material health & ingredient transparency reporting service for green building and interiors products to assist the construction industry implement high performance healthy buildings and interiors. BRE Global, is an international, multi-disciplinary building science centre, based in the UK and has been appointed UK and Western European Licensee of the PhD service.

Nigel Jones, Team Leader – Sustainable Products at BRE said 'This is a unique tool the industry can use to drive forward the healthy and high performance buildings agenda for the benefit of people – we are pleased to provide this service to our customers '.

The new Global GreenTag PhD service complements BRE's international capabilities with services that are recognised in the International WELL™ Building Standard (WELL) Standard and compliant with credit requirements in the LEED® v4.0 rating tool globally with key roles in ingredient hazard assessment and enabling of product health optimisation.

The Global GreenTag PhD assessment and reporting process is unique in that the program delivers much more easily understood information relating to the entire life cycle of the product so that specifiers can confidently make informed materials and product selections.

In addition to the simple reporting format, GreenTag PhDs also provide the product with a HeathRATE™ rating of the product with graphic Tags showing the BronzeHEALTH™, SilverHEALTH™, GoldHEALTH™ and PlatinumHEALTH™ rating outcomes, for one-glance understanding of 'in use' product health using best available knowledge.

Global GreenTag's CEO and Program Director, David Baggs (pictured above (left) with Shamir Ghumra, Director of BREEAM and Sustainable Products at BRE) says that "GreenTag PhDs use world's best practice chemical hazards research (including from the EU REACH and Globally Harmonised Systems), risk assessment and audit processes, all peer reviewed by Consultant Toxicologist, to determine and transparently report the health impacts of products (if any) on both workers and end users."

For further information, about the GreenTag PhD, please contact David Baggs

For further information about BRE, please contact Linda McKeown email

BRE Global

BRE Global Limited (incorporating LPCB & BREEAM) is an independent third party approvals body offering certification of fire, security and sustainability products and services to an international market. BRE Global's product testing and approvals are carried out by recognised experts in our world renowned testing laboratories. BRE Global Limited is custodian of a number of world leading brands including:

Global GreenTag

Global GreenTag International Pty Ltd is an internationally recognised, multi-award-winning Type 1 Product Certification, Product LCA, Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and Product health Declaration (PhD) Program Operator, with current operations in Asia Pacific, Africa, Greater China and with global relevance. GreenTag programs are formally recognised in WELL™, BREEAM International, and Green Star®, and are compliant with credit requirements in LEED® and BREEAM®. Global GreenTag is one of Australia's Top 100 Most Trusted Brands and a world leading green product and material certifier for the built environment.

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