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Exclusive agreement signed with IGSC and Global GreenTag International to certifiy eco-friendly products from South Korea

The Institute of Global Sustainability Certificate (IGSC) has signed an Exclusive Agency Agreement with Global Green Tag International to service domestic export companies with Global GreenTag's advanced eco-friendly, healthy and ethical product certifications and declarations, which are assessed under the Global GreenTag CertTM certification system and Global GreenTag International Certification Standards.

Dr Noh-hyn Lim, IGSC's Certification Business Director said under the new Agreement with GreenTag:

"IGSC aims to service domestic export companies with recognised sustainable green certifications and cooperate in the development of new certification schemes and global dissemination."

David Baggs, CEO of Global and Program Director of Global GreenTag International said:

"We look forward greatly to working with the Institute of Global Sustainability Certificate (IGSC) and discovering more of Korean manufacturing at its best. We are pleased to enhance access to our certifications and declarations for Korean companies by working with IGSC to further help sustainable products from the region to enter or have more success in accessing green building markets globally."

IGSC provides a variety of global certification services for smooth overseas exports of domestic Korean manufacturers.

"The Exclusive Agency Agreement with GreenTag will help IGSC expand our certification area to environmentally friendly buildings, building materials, interiors, cleaning and personal products and particularly for certifications such as vegan, kosher and ISO management certifications," Dr Lim continued.

Through GreenTag, ISGC will now also be able to offer International EPDs, various footprint certifications and certification services for sustainable, healthy and ethical products, including:

David Baggs added:

"Our emphasis on assessing products especially for healthiness in use with the GreenTag PHD, has been widely embraced and sought by industry practitioners because of increased global health concerns. An 'Asthma and Allergen Sensitive™' qualification has also been added to the service in 2021, which is of great interest in the region as well."

Global GreenTag's PHD service provides deeper levels of product health information with content inventory and hazard analysis to the 100 parts per million (ppm) level. The PHD program firstly bans a comprehensive list of the worst ingredients and then offers externally peer reviewed toxicology information about the constituent materials in product.

Uniquely, it then also informs, through its BronzeHEALTH, SilverHEALTH, GoldHEALTH or PlatinumHEALTH tiered HealthRATE™ system, the potential level of healthiness that a product has on humans when correctly installed in clients' offices or homes – essentially a 'Healthiness in Use' Tag so that consumers can also clearly understand the health performance and rating of a product and its actual impact in their home or work environments.

"The GreenTag PHD is a big plus for professional firms working on projects who want to avoid health risks for end users and will now benefit Korean manufacturers who want increased access and success in sales to such health centric projects," said Mr Baggs.

Importantly for Korean manufacturers, the GreenTag PHD is widely recognised in the global green building industries, and particularly by the leading green building standards of LEED® (which operates in over 170 countries) and by the health and wellness focused WELL™ rating tools of the International WELL™ Building Institute.


For manufacturers in South Korea who are ready to certify their products under the Global GreenTag Certification Standard, please contact at IGSC:

Hanbi Kim – Research Engineer

Phone Direct: +82 (0)2 858 4321
Fax : +82 (0)504 225 6437
Address: 403-5, 4F, 36, Digital-ro 27-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, 08381, Republic of Korea


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