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A.H. Beard

ProductPhD RatingCertificateIssue DateExpiry Date
A.H. Beard Origins Mattress CollectionPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate08/07/202108/07/2024

Alfa Soundscape & Design SDN BHD

ProductPhD RatingCertificateIssue DateExpiry Date
Estic Acoustic Panel - 9mmPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate31/01/202231/01/2024

CFL Flooring International Limited

ProductPhD RatingCertificateIssue DateExpiry Date
Rigid LVTPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate19/04/202126/02/2024

CSR Martini

ProductPhD RatingCertificateIssue DateExpiry Date
Absorb, Soffit, Martini Flank Guard, Polymax Thermal, Acoustic BattsPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate19/11/202206/04/2024
dECO DeluxePlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate19/11/201806/04/2024
dECO Fabrics, dECO Velour and dECO FeltPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate19/11/201806/04/2024
dECO FlexPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate19/11/201806/04/2024
dECO Quiet Board, dECO Quiet PanelPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate19/11/201806/04/2024
Prime, MAB, MSB, Easy BafflePlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate19/11/201806/04/2024

Elegant Home-Tech Co., Ltd

ProductPhD RatingCertificateIssue DateExpiry Date
Dryback LVT and Loose Lay LVTPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate25/11/201925/11/2023
SPC Click FlooringPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate25/11/201925/11/2023

Happy Green Packaging by Starkson Packaging Inc.

ProductPhD RatingCertificateIssue DateExpiry Date
Composite Sample Clamshells and Paper CupsPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate06/02/202306/02/2024
Polyethylene FilmsPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate06/02/202306/02/2024
Polypropylene Cups, Polystyrene CutleriesPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate06/02/202306/02/2024

Knauf Gypsum Pty Ltd

ProductPhD RatingCertificateIssue DateExpiry Date
Olympia Micro™ ClimaPlus™, Olymus Max™ ClimaPlus™, Radar™ ClimaPlus™, Impression™ ClimaPlus™, Impression™ High NRC ClimaPlus™, Impression™ High NRC/CAC ClimaPlus™, Mars™ ClimaPlus™PlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate06/12/202106/12/2023


ProductPhD RatingCertificateIssue DateExpiry Date
Modulo PanelPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate17/09/202117/09/2024


ProductPhD RatingCertificateIssue DateExpiry Date
Slimline Composite uPVC Channel and Stainless GratePlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate03/08/202110/10/2023
Slimline Slot Drain, uPVCPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate10/10/201810/10/2023
Slimline Stainless Steel Drainage System SeriesPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate10/10/201810/10/2023

Tarkett Australia Pty Ltd

ProductPhD RatingCertificateIssue DateExpiry Date
Acczent 80PlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate08/03/202208/03/2024
Acczent Ruby 70PlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate08/03/202208/03/2024
Homogenous Vinyl iQ, Premium and Standard RangesPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate08/03/202208/03/2024
ProtectWall 1.5PlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate08/03/202208/03/2024


ProductPhD RatingCertificateIssue DateExpiry Date
Unprimed Flatsheets & WeatherboardsPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate07/07/202007/11/2023

Weseler Teppich GmbH & Co. KG

ProductPhD RatingCertificateIssue DateExpiry Date
tretford Cord Carpet RollPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate12/01/202212/01/2024
tretford Interlife (Tile, Roll, Floorboard)PlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate12/01/202212/01/2024

Woven Image

ProductPhD RatingCertificateIssue DateExpiry Date
3D Tile SeriesPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate24/08/202120/06/2024
EchoPanel® (Plain and Precision Cut)PlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate23/07/202120/04/2024

Xypex (Canada)

ProductPhD RatingCertificateIssue DateExpiry Date
Xypex Concentrate-USPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate28/04/202328/04/2024
Xypex Crystalline Waterproofing Admixtures (C500/C-500NF, C-1000/C-1000NF, C5000)PlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate28/04/202328/04/2024
Xypex Megamix II-USPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate28/04/202328/04/2024
Xypex Modified-USPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate28/04/202328/04/2024
Xypex Patch & Plug -USPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate28/04/202328/04/2024

Zhejiang Jiecang Linear Motion Technology Co., Ltd

ProductPhD RatingCertificateIssue DateExpiry Date
JC35TS, JC35TT, JC35TF Height Adjustable DeskingPlatinumHEALTHPhD Certificate15/07/201915/07/2024

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